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Random pictures from the Aviation Museum of Riga

Some random pics from the aviation museum of Riga. This place is located 50 meters from the International airport and is just AWE-SOME. For 5 lvl (about 8 euros) you can visit this museum which is the one of the biggest museum in Europe dedicated to soviet-era military aircraft.

Check my other posts for a Antonov An-2 walkaround, Sukhoi Su-7 walkaround and pictures of the Mil Mi-6 cockpit from the same museum.

Mil Mi-1
Mig-23 gatling gun
Another Mig-23

Mig-21 Bis
Rocket pods(UB-32-57on the left)
UB-16-57 on the right
Note here the blue colour of this exhaust
Various kind of bombs
Two-seater Su-7
Yak-28 nose
Yak-28 landing gear
Kamov Ka-26 Aeroflot
Yes, a Mig-25 is very impressive !


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