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Yakovlev UT-1b (Mikro-Mir 1/48) - Part 5

Hi there, It's been a while that I didn't updated you on this project which is more like a side-project for me. Some work on the engine cowling:  Undercarriage covers should be hollow, not full, so I used the original parts as masters and thermoformed them Exhaust manifolds were corrected using brass and plastic card: I removed the original and horribly thick anti-sliding bands by 0.3mm plastic strips. I chose the Shvetsov M-11 engine from Vector, a real beauty that requires quite a lot of work - especially when I had to repair a few rocker arms broken during delivery (Guys at Vector don't know the meaning of the term "customer-service" apparently...). I still need to had cables and other details on the engine. See you in two years for the next update on this project. Antoine

Supermarine Walrus walkaround

Some pics of the Supermarine Walrus displayed at the RAAF museum, Point Cook, Australia.

Heinkel 162 - Tamiya 1/48

Hi, I didnt put aside the build of the Yakovlev but just needed an interlude. This is the very good and easy Tamiya model with the Quickboost bang seat, plus other scratch-built items. As always Tamiya decals are too thick... On the actual He-162 the clear part of the canopy was set on a metal frame and screwed from the outside. To reproduce the particularity, I just painted the frame from the inside. Painting was done using Xtracrylics which, despite very fine pigments, is a pain in the ass to airbrush, clogging the A/B every 5 minutes. The base was made using Paris plaster, balsa strips and a mix of grass mats from Imthurn and Heki. The oil drum comes from Brengun. My build is far from perfect, but let's say that I am finally able to build and paint the way I want without having too many technical limitations.