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Thai Grumman F8F-1 Bearcat - Hobby Boss 1/48

Hi there, Here's my finish model of the Hobby Boss kit. I bought the kit back in Bangkok with a Siam Decal sheet (which BTW is really crap, decals being too thick, instructions with errors and printing issues). I am not really proud of my build but I post some pics anyway. The build was pretty straightforward. I just changed a few things: - The 3-pipes exhaust available in the box are only suitable for the -2 version, the F8F-1 got 5-pipes exhausts - The shape of the armored plate behind the seat is wrong and was changed accordingly - The sliding canopy is way too thick (was too lazy to change it...) - The right wing leading edge was modified as some apertures are only present on the right wing, - Engine compartment was detailed, - I added air ducts from the gear bay to the engine compartment Note that the tires are really simplistic, but I left them as they are.   Thanks for reading. Antoine