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Yakovlev UT-1b (Mikro-Mir 1/48) - Part 5

Hi there, It's been a while that I didn't updated you on this project which is more like a side-project for me. Some work on the engine cowling:  Undercarriage covers should be hollow, not full, so I used the original parts as masters and thermoformed them Exhaust manifolds were corrected using brass and plastic card: I removed the original and horribly thick anti-sliding bands by 0.3mm plastic strips. I chose the Shvetsov M-11 engine from Vector, a real beauty that requires quite a lot of work - especially when I had to repair a few rocker arms broken during delivery (Guys at Vector don't know the meaning of the term "customer-service" apparently...). I still need to had cables and other details on the engine. See you in two years for the next update on this project. Antoine