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Random pictures from the Aviation Museum of Riga

Some random pics from the aviation museum of Riga. This place is located 50 meters from the International airport and is just AWE-SOME. For 5 lvl (about 8 euros) you can visit this museum which is the one of the biggest museum in Europe dedicated to soviet-era military aircraft. Check my other posts for a Antonov An-2 walkaround , Sukhoi Su-7 walkaround and pictures of the Mil Mi-6 cockpit from the same museum. Mil Mi-1 Mig-23 Mig-23 gatling gun Another Mig-23 Mig-21 Bis Rocket pods(UB-32-57on the left) UB-16-57 on the right Note here the blue colour of this exhaust Various kind of bombs Two-seater Su-7 Yak-28 Yak-28 nose Yak-28 landing gear Kamov Ka-26 Aeroflot Yes, a Mig-25 is very impressive !

Sukhoi Su-7 BKL Fitter walkaround (Aviation Museum of Riga)

I started my model of the Sukhoi 7 (Eduard 1/48) a few weeks before visiting the museum and I really felt strange when i got to see the real bird for the first time, like "Did I shrink ?". This bird is so ugly that I love it. Here is the non-export version of the Su-7. Enjoy ! Supplementary fuel tanks. Su-7 ladder. I have been looking for this pic to finish my model :-) Note that the ladder is supposed to be on portboard

Mil Mi-6 Hook cockpit (Aviation museum of Riga, Latvia)

This huge baby welcomes you when you get inside the aviation museum of Riga. Before being replaced by the Mil Mi-26 Halo, the Mi-6 was the biggest helicopter in the world.  This aircraft was repainted by the museum. Needless to say that when the guy of the museum asked me if I wanted to get inside this monster I was about to poop in my pants :-) Portboard landing gear I was lucky enough to get inside the monster and discover a museum full of soviet-era stuff Some access door on the ceiling Seat inside the nose of the monster Inside the nose (portboard) Starboard side of the nose +  my hairy arm as a bonus Above pilot's head