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My collection of cheap guitars

Always wanted to exhibit my collection of cheap guitars. Cheap price not cheap sound. So here I go. Some Japanese guitar from the 70-80s. I bought this guitar for 30 Euros in a flea market in Lyon. I was in a bus with my buddy Charles when I saw this baby. Needless to say that I jumped from that bus. Good sound, a bit harsh sometimes. I like to play it with open tunings, glass slide and dirty sound :) My favorite! It's an old el-cheapo guitar from the 80s (brand: Satellite, Japan again). I bought it 80 Euros, it is made in laminated wood but the sound is so SWEEEEET, just like an old Strat. The paintings are some reminiscence of my teenager years. And yes, I change its shape too. This Framus (Germany) is actually one of my friend. I just asked him if I could take care of it, clean it and change some parts (I love doinf this kind of stuff !) My first love, a Vantek from Asia My old faithful Aria T-65. I still have a lot of fun with it. Just changed one pickup for a

Eduard 1/48 Sukhoi 7 BMK Egyptian Air Force

Here it is at last. It have been working on this bird for a few months and I am glad it is finished now. I wanted to make a dirty and sun-beaten Su-7 as this one was probably used during the six-days war and Yom Kippur war against Israel. This model was quite of a pain: almost every single plastic part requires sanding, cutting or filling with some putty.  It was the first time that I used an airbrush for painting but I am quite happy with the result, even though I can still spot some mistakes in the painting or assembly.Will do better next time ;) Paints used for camo: - Light Blue Tamyia XF-23 - Tan Hobby color H-27 - Khaki green Hobby color H-80 - Mahogany Hobby color H-84 Weathering: Oil paintings + drops of white/black or tan mixed with colors Some useful web references / walkarounds: ref 1 ref 2 (in Polish but you can find some very close views) ref 3 ref 4 ref 5 ref 6 (on this blog)