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Lockheed F-104G - Hasegawa 1/48

Some pictures of my current build: Eduard's boxing of Hasegawa's F-104G 1/48. Martin Baker GQ-7A bang seat Finished cockpit An inspirational build that obsessed me for a while and  published in Air Fan N°136 in the 90s: Comparison of Haseg and DACO wings Masking of the air intakes: I tried to fill the horrible rivets with MrSurfacer & Deluxe Perfect Putty but the result was far from "perfect". I had to finish the job with CA glue: Re-scribing of the nose details: A 6-steps tutorial 1- Helped by Dymo tape, I use a needle to re-scribe straight lines 2 - The same needle is used to re-scribe rivets 3 - The line running around the nose cone is done helped using a circle template 4 - For a perfect work, I use a bit of Tamiya cement to blend all imperfections 5 -  When the cement is dry, fine steel wool is used to smooth the surface 6 - Finally, I use black pigm