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Yakovlev UT-1b (Mikro-Mir 1/48) - Part 2

Hi, Finally started some interesting work after a looooot of sanding on the wings and fuselage. But it's ok as I started the fun part of scratch-building the cockpit, and that's fun ! Cockpit The tubular structure of the cockpit needs to be shortened (red line) in order to fit the wings on the fuselage. The seat provided in the box vaguely looks like the original : I made a new seat from scratch using 0.25mm plastic sheet helped with the instruction manual of the UT-2. Of course, I realized later that I misinterpreted the schematics and that (1) reads actually " Shoulder seatbelts ", so no sides on that seat ... More on that on Part 3 of this build. Scratch-built seat with cushion (see Part 3 - for correction) The headrest is too large to be fitted in the fuselage. Here again a lot of sanding. On the picture below, two interesting features that will be added. Firstly, the leather bulge (2) just in front of the pilot; but I

Yakovlev UT-1b (Mikro-Mir 1/48) - Part 1

Hi, After my mainstream AFV F-5, I wanted to start a new project that requires more personal work. I just started the Yakolvlev UT-1b from the Ukrainian manufacturer Mikro-Mir. The UT-1b is based on the trainer/civilian UT-1 which was equipped with two 7.62 ShKAS at the beginning of the war against the huns. Documentation is scarce but I managed to get a copy of the manual of the 2-seater variant from a fellow French modeller. The Mikro-Mir kit looks pretty good and is boxed with 2 PE sheets. But it ain't no Tamiya, parts have to be thinned down or replaced. The decal sheet is Zvevda-esque, if you see what I mean.... That's a very small bug. I never built anything that small. Looks like daddy will have fun thinning down trailing edges  !! Right now, working on the engine cowling Nothing very fancy to show right now. Hopefully, more interesting pics to follow. Tonio