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Star Wars AT-ST - Bandai 1/48

This is a present for a friend of mine, fan of Star Wars. The AT-ST kit from Bandai was a real pleasure to build. Engineering and fit is perfect. First time experimenting with colour modulation. I kept the weathering to a minimum.

Macchi 205 - Hasegawa 1/48

   This is the Hasegawa kit with the excellent SBS cockpit, wheel bays from Eduard (not so fun to build for some reason), Quickboost resin exhausts (this manufacturer sales corrected and uncorrected pipes, so watch out for the correct reference) and some PE bits. I made some non-exhaustive mods, notably scribing correct access panels around the engine cowling & fuselage. I did not bother fixing the shapes of the ammo panels though. Marking comes from a Stormo decal sheet completed with Silhouette masking.  Paint is a mix of Gunze & MRP references: H310, MRP-302 & MRP-303.