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Grumman JRF-5 Goose - Part 3

Thank you for your kind words ! I am very slow building this model, mainly explained by my wedding and the amount of work this bird requires. But I am still having fun, no rush . Wings attached to the fuselage I made a big hole for the landing light.     There is a big gap on the left wing (did I do that ?). I think I will use cyano gel to correct this problem Another big gap to fill... Great I love that... ... and more work to adjust the canopy Resin exhausts. I guess you see the problem here... . ... I made the 2 exhausts similar and I made the little thingy smaller and drilled a hole The wheels being to thin I added some styrene sheet ( 0.25mm) To finish, I also corrected the rudder by adding some styrene on the lower part: and added 2 small metal rods on the stabilizers to make my life easier Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading ;)