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My (dangerous) tip for weathered propellers

Just want to share with you my tip for weathering propellers. - First of all, paint your prop and coat it with Future/Klir -Fit your prop on some dremel, be sure it is very tight - Apply a bit of oil paint colors and add a lot of mineral spirit ( it has to be wet). Apply on prop and spinner. - Push the button !! Dont forget to wear goggles and a mask: This can be DANGEROUS , dont hurt yourself ! And close the window, just in case you fly away -If you are still alive and still on the ground, you can observe these rather realistic patterns Enjoy, but remember: safety first ! cheers

Grumman F9F Panther

The Grumman F9F Panther was an American carrier-based jet fighter widely used during the Korea war. Here are some interesting pictures. Note that these pictures do not belong to me; all commercial use must be done with the permission of the following museums: Grumman Memorial Park Calverton ( Long Island, New York, USA) and The Cradle of Aviation Museum (Garden City, Long Island, USA) . Canopy assembly   Cockpit with radar scope     Detail of the F9F wing-folding mechanism Mech dealing wiht the gun camera   Nose guns (4 x 20 mm) Detail of the nose structure     F9F-8P recce Version