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Antonov An-2 Colt walkaround (Riga Aviation Museum)

Here are a few pictures of the Antonov An-2 that can be seen in Riga aviation museum (50 meters from the international airport). Ok, this aircraft is not in mint condition LOL,but the interesting thing is that the wing and tail structure is shown.

Ski gear


  1. Made my first parachute jump out of an An-2 being operated as a jump plane for a few months in Williamsport, MD. Got some stick time in the airplane too. It was slow and hot inside, and the forward visability was terrible due to constant stream of oil leaking out of the engine, but the big cargo door in the side of the fuselage made it easy to egress for static line and free fall jumpers.

    1. Interesting anecdote and the aircraft does not seem comfortable LOL


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