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F-5E Aggressor Scheme - AFV 1/48


This is the well-known AFV kit. This kit is a real pleasure to build. The main landing gear doors might be a bit tricky to assemble but nothing to bad. I used the Aires cockpit which fits perfectly.

The real hard part of the build was to choose amongst the 20 schemes offered by the AfterBurner decal sheet (Thanks Franck !). I finally chose a Flogger scheme from the 65th Aggressor squadron, 1985.

For once, I am quite happy by the result but I still have to work on taking better pictures...

Painting :
- Sand: 2 H27 + 1 XF2
- Green : 2 H80 + 1 XF-13
- Brown : 4 H84 +2 X-9 +2 H37 + a tad of white (...)
- Free-hand with Iwata Revolution BR 0.3 mm.
- Clear Coat Prince August Polyurethane 50% + XF-20A 50%.