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Star Wars AT-ST - Bandai 1/48

This is a present for a friend of mine, fan of Star Wars. The AT-ST kit from Bandai was a real pleasure to build. Engineering and fit is perfect. First time experimenting with colour modulation. I kept the weathering to a minimum.
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Macchi 205 - Hasegawa 1/48

   This is the Hasegawa kit with the excellent SBS cockpit, wheel bays from Eduard (not so fun to build for some reason), Quickboost resin exhausts (this manufacturer sales corrected and uncorrected pipes, so watch out for the correct reference) and some PE bits. I made some non-exhaustive mods, notably scribing correct access panels around the engine cowling & fuselage. I did not bother fixing the shapes of the ammo panels though. Marking comes from a Stormo decal sheet completed with Silhouette masking.  Paint is a mix of Gunze & MRP references: H310, MRP-302 & MRP-303.      

Lockheed P-38J 'Arkansas Traveler' - Tamiya - 1/48

  A straight-forward and very enjoyable build. Finished in August 2023    

North American F-82 G Twin Mustang - Modelsvit - 1/48

Finished beginning of 2023

Hawker Tempest Mk II - Special Hobby - 1/48 - Pakistanese Air Force

This my latest build, made from the Special Hobby and the Eduard boxings. Why 2 kits ? Simply because I screwed up part of the first build and, because I never give up and like the type,  decided to carry on the build and bought another kit ... Pretty good kit, despite some minor inaccuracies with the engraving under the fuselage. I was not fond of the decals as colors are not always well aligned - especially for the stencils. I did peel off the varnish top layer on the decals to get that "painted on" look. This has to be done gently otherwise you might end up tearing off the paint as well. Color scheme is from the Pakistanese Air Force.

F-100D -Tuy Hoa (Trumpeter 1/48)

Hello, This is my last project, the F-100D piloted by Capt Allen Lewis and based at Tuy Hoa, Viêt Nam, circa 1969-70, with the classic “Snake and Nape” configuration. I am a big fan of the type and era, so I was quite motivated by this build. This is the very enjoyable to build 1/48 kit from Trumpeter with many modifications I made myself especially in the cockpit, canopy frame, landing gear bays & legs, extended 335 gal. fuel tanks, modified pylons, new refuelling probe made from brass, refuelling light and much more. I also used some aftermarket goodies such as a correct nose (Renaissance), tyres (ResKit, the one of the kits are horrible), exhaust and seat from Aires, pitot from Master, Eduard’s Mk82 and BLU-27, and a nice but fragile ladder from LP Models. Decals are from Caracal. I hope that you like it as much as I enjoyed this project. Antoine And because you are some lucky buggers, here are some work in progress pics. Like on the real thing, I extended the 275 gal. tanks i

Su-122 - MiniArt - 1/35

 I needed a little break from planes, so here is my first AFV . The MiniArt kit is a pleasure to build despite the high number of parts and these horrible track links. I liked it so much that I bought the T-55 from the same customer, but this time I will use some Friul tracks, or similar. Some details were replaced/scratchbuilt and the slogan ("Death to Hitler") on the side made shorter, except for that the rest is from the box.  The base color is the 4BO from Mig, to which I tried to add some variations with beige, yellow, dark green and even a bit of blue.  Thanks for looking.