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Saab J29 F - Luftstreitkräfte - Pilot replicas 1/48

This is the 1/48 scale Pilot Replicas kit. A real pleasure to build!
Among the modifications I made:
- Seamless resin intake and pilot from the same manufacturer
- Homemade seat harnesses, ladder and pitot tubes,
- Replaced the exhaust with a Bubble Tea straw because the original one is too thick,
Details in the cockpit and in the landing gear bays are good enough but there is room for improvement. The one thing that bugged me are the rivets on the fuselage: they get distorted and fade away with the curve of the fuselage. Also, part 59 was missing or at least I did not find it. This part depicts the bumper on the bottom of the fuselage and is very easy to scratch build with a bit of styrene, so no big deal. But except for these, there is nothing much to complain about.
I liked the luxurious and clear instructions, the excellent Cartograf decals and the PE frets with a sticky transparent film that prevents the parts to spring away when cutting them. The kit is well designed and everything fits.
It was the first time for me painting with Alclad, and like everyone I was bit concerned about peeling off the paint during masking, but with a good layer of black primer and polishing, the paint is rock solid!
The orange dayglo comes from Faskcolor, and Tamiya paint was used for the Austrian roundels.

Hope you enjoy.


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