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Grumman JRF-5 Goose - Part 5

Hi there,

I finished a lot of little things but not worth mentionning here. Moreover I scratchbuilt the door of the bow compartment. To do so I used a inkjet printer to print the outline of the door on a thin plastic sheet (0.25mm). I positionned the plastic sheet using some tape, and cut the door accordingly

As you can see, I also corrected the shape of the masks (looks a bit crooked on this picture, but ok in real).

I spent time on some external elements. I drilled a plethora of holes on the lower and upper surfaces of the wing in prevision of the fixation of antennas, ventilation system and rigging (pics of all these elements will come when the bird is painted).

Note that trim tabs have to be added to the wings. Moreover AZ model had the good idea to give 2 left elevators, meaning more work for me...

Also, I added the access door on the starboard. I made it with 0.25mm plastic sheet, glued it and then sanded it to make it thinner.

Clockwise: landing gear (looks like insects..), landing gear doors, bow compartment doors, right wing antenna, doors for the passengers compartment and rudder.

Next : painting ! My favorite !!




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