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Mitsubishi Ki-46

Here's my last model a Ki-46 Dinah used during WW2 by the Japanese. The 37mm cannon on the top was used to destroy US bombers.
The kit is Tamiya 1/48 with PE parts from Eduard and scratch. I bought it 2.50 Euros LOL

A few things had to be corrected or added:
- Remove some panel lines on the right side of fuselage corresponding to foothelds and handhelds
- Add foothelds and handhelds
- Add trim tab on both wings
- Add various cables inside cockpits
- I also added some rivets here and there

Note that PE parts are so small that I had to replace them. Personnaly I cannot fold a 3 mm parts in 3 sunrevolves.gif
Overall, the kit is easy to build, except some fitting issues when one wants to let the canopy open. Moreover, if you are using the Eduard PE you will have to carefully dry-fit the landing gear...

* Aotake : Tamiya TS-17, plus a thin layer of "Clear blue"
* Top: Tamiya XF-13 / XF-1 ; 50/50 and a few drops of Olive green (Xf-58)
* Bottom: Tamiya XF-12 / XF-19 ; 50/50
* Flat coat: 50% Gunze h-20 + 50% Tamiya thinner (maybe a bit foggy sometimes)

Hope you enjoy wink.gif


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