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The culprit

 The culprit is a Spitfire Mk XIV. This model is responsible for my new modelling addiction after 15 years without touching a single piece of plastic, and now I need at least one shot a day. Doctors say it doesnt kill, just makes you crazy. For the moment my addiction is ok as I can give priorities to more important things ;)

This model represents a Canadian civil Spitfire, registered CF-GMZ, that placed third during the Cleveland National Air Races of 1949 (Tinnerman Trophy Race) with a speed of 578.64 Km/H (359.56 mph). Check this link for more info here .

 The kit is a 1/48 Academy Spitfire Mk XIVe, built out-of-the-box (OOB for the pros). I really enjoyed it as it was an easy build.

After posting my bird on ARC forum, some very nice guy working as a mechanic in Canada told me that he had been working on this bird and told me more about it.


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