Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eduard 1/48 Sukhoi 7 BMK Egyptian Air Force

Here it is at last. It have been working on this bird for a few months and I am glad it is finished now.
I wanted to make a dirty and sun-beaten Su-7 as this one was probably used during the six-days war and Yom Kippur war against Israel.
This model was quite of a pain: almost every single plastic part requires sanding, cutting or filling with some putty.  It was the first time that I used an airbrush for painting but I am quite happy with the result, even though I can still spot some mistakes in the painting or assembly.Will do better next time ;)

Paints used for camo:
- Light Blue Tamyia XF-23
- Tan Hobby color H-27
- Khaki green Hobby color H-80
- Mahogany Hobby color H-84

Oil paintings + drops of white/black or tan mixed with colors

Some useful web references / walkarounds:
ref 1
ref 2 (in Polish but you can find some very close views)
ref 3
ref 4
ref 5
ref 6 (on this blog) 


  1. Congrats mate, because this is not a easy kit, and this one looks really great.

    Good work with the camo schm!

    Best regards!


  2. Thanks Carlos, very nice from you


  3. Awesome fitter, I love the chipping and the rugged look. And I love 'em in Arab markings. Thanks for the references, they sure come handy...

    Best regards

    1. Thank you Vasko for your kind words. I checked your blog and you got pretty nice Sukhois and MiG with unusual schemes