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Douglas D-558-1 - Special Hobby 1/48


Here's my last build (Special Hobby, 1/48), the Douglas D-558-1, kind of the US Navy equivalent to the Bell X-1.

As you can see I wanted to make something a bit different... Inspiration for the left side came from pics I found of the aircraft "stored" in Quantico Aviation Museum before restoration. The right side is supposed to be the same A/C restored, in an indoor museum.

Picture taken from

The purpose of this build was not to make the "ruined" scheme identical to the real thing, but do something in the same spirit. Anyway, scheme included, a lot of details are not identical between the actual A/C and the model (serial number, longer nozzle,  nose probe, etc.).

My goal here was "pure fun" and to try new painting techniques, such as the hairspray technique, and I really enjoyed it :)

The WIP is here (in French, sorry)

Note that if you are interested in building this model, be sure to set the main landing gear the good side (the instructions are wrong).


Indoor, after restoration (I might need to straighten the rope here...)

View from top

Thanks for watching ;)


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