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Grumman F4F Wildcat

Note that these pictures do not belong to me; all commercial use must be done with the permission of the following museums: Grumman Memorial Park Calverton ( Long Island, New York, USA) and The Cradle of Aviation Museum (Garden City, Long Island, USA).


Close-up of the mockup
Another closeup of the mockup
F4F mockup
XF4F-1 instrument panel
XF4F-1 cockpit
XF-1F upside down

First flight

F4F and G-21 on the assembly lines
Being crated
Last F4F-3 produced

In service

F4F of the VF-6

F4F-3 with floats
Gun testing. Note the roundels applied during Operation Torch
F4F inside USS Charger
Awaiting delivery
F4F on USS Enterprise. Note the size of the "meatball" roundel
USS Enterprise 1942
USS Ranger
F4F-3 Instrument panel


  1. Thanks, thanks and thanks. For a Brilliant document, a nice photos and a interesting selection.

  2. Thank you for popping by and for the nice comment Pablo :)


  3. Wildcat photos always welcome. Thank you for sharing here and on Wikipedia.
    David Manley, Atlanta, GA, USA

  4. J'aime votre site et espère que vous l'élargir à mesure que la temps passe.
    David Manley, Atlanta, Georgia, ÉTATS-UNIS

  5. Merci David pour votre message en Français ;-)

  6. Hello. Great photos. I noticed in the mockup photos, there is a tube extending from the pilot head rest back towards the rear of the aircraft. Does anyone know what that is for? Thanks.


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