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Grumman JRF-5 Goose - Part 6

Below are a few pictures after priming (Tamiya white) and a few explanations for the happy few who would like to build the same model:

Top view:

1: hoisting sling fixture
2:Trailing antenna fearlead
3: Hole for giono antenna
4: Handle holes
5: Holes for cabin ventilators
6: Holes for ABA-ABK mast antenna

Upper surface right wing:

1: Hole for exhaust pipes
2: I emphasized the carving here to make things more realistic
3: I cut the tip of the wing for the lights
4: trim tab

Lower surface:

1: Hole for ground stowing
2: holes for rigs
3: Light
4 & 6 :  Engine ventilation (?)
5: Two small thingies that are , I guess, oil drains. They are not seen on all pictures but I decided to add them to make things more interesting here

Thanks for reading ;)


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