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Grumman JRF-5 Goose - Part 4

Hi there,

Nothing very fancy here, a lot of filling and sanding... I love it . No just kidding, I hate that...

I glued the canopy but before I masked the windows with some tape. I had to use a plastic template to make my life easier as the frame is almost invisible


Some guy on a French forum told me that the shape of the window is not correct, I will have to correct that later. Notice also the big gap between the canopy and the fuselage. I filled this gap with white glue and used white vinegar to remove the excess. You cannot see the result on this picture though I just notice, but I too lazy to take another pic  :P

I also added this thin reinforcement all along the front of the plane. I preferred to make my own than using the one provided with the kit which was not of the shape and too large.

It seems that this reinforcement surrounds the whole nose on some planes but not on mine, indeed I am lucky enough to have a pic of the plane I wanna make.

I have now a good basis, and I will have a lot of fun adding little thingies and antennas everywhere !!!

Hope you enjoy

:: Tonio ::


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