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Grumman JRF-5 Goose - Part 1

I love the cute little chubby look of the Goose and it is probably one of my favorite aircraft, so I decided to add a bit of detailling to the kit.

The kit is from the Czech manufacturer AZ-model (1/72 mold from Sword) and can be qualified as a short run kit. The general shape is correct and the fit seems pretty good (to be confirmed...). The cockpit and the passenger cabin are rather basic with only resin seats and the instrument panel.  Needless to say that I will have a lot of fun detailling the interior , since I want the bow compartment and the passenger cabin to be open. I am also very tempted to make a diorama, probably with the Goose moored through a bow hatch, among other ideas. I will see. For the painting I am also very tempted by a early war US navy 2-tones camo.

Passenger cabin and bow compartment doors had to be open. I did a bit of detailling in the wheel bay.

Passenger cabin


Bow compartment

Notice here that the extra window in the cabin had to be closed (plastic card + filler)

That's only the beginning ....


  1. Awesome Job!!! I'm about 65% through this kit also, however, didn't quite get that detailed in the interior. Did however convert to retractable floats, and 3 bladed hartsell props.

    1. Thank you Richard for nice comment ! Do you have some pics of your project, it seems pretty cool ?


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